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Bulk SMS is very simple way to interact & engage your customers by sending via text relevant messages, announcing product-related news or communicating its value. In this manner, you can reach out to a broad customer audience. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.
You can make advance payment through a variety of methods and the amount will be credited to your account. When SMS messages are sent your account is debited according to the rate per SMS. When your balance is low we send you alerts so that you can recharge.
We have lists of SMS numbers in all categories in all regions and cities available at nominal charges. When you opt for our bulk SMS you can also send us your list of contact numbers. All our numbers are opt-in with no restrictions of DND.
No, a mobile handset is not required for sending bulk SMS. You need only a computer with internet

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    Get Started with the Bulk SMS Service Business in India
    1. First Become a Bulk SMS Service Provider. To setup an SMS gateway of your own, you have to follow the following steps: …
    2. Second Start as a Bulk SMS Reseller. …
    3. Now Get into the Business as Bulk SMS Aggregator.
    Yes, you can send any birthday or wishing message to your customers from our promotional panel.
    Sender ID is an identification combination that consists of six characters (A-Z). It can also be an identification of an organisation. Like AM-SBIINB, Sender ID is displayed after the hyphen. When you send messages through web panel, SMS will be sent with the Sender ID to identify your messages.
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    Yes, you can integrate SMS API into your web portal. We have a ready-made script for SMS panel.
    4 Messages will be counted. The number of messages is calculated as follows, 160+153+153+34=500
    Yes, you can send birthday SMS automatically on your customers’ birthdays. You can add your customer details including date of birth with birthday message at SMS panel. SMS panel will automatically send SMS on the customer’s birthday.
    Yes, OTP can be sent to the customer’s mobile on the registration process. Your customer will get the OTP SMS instantly even if your customer’s mobile number is DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled.
    sms api integration in 5 Easy Steps With MobonAir

    Step 1: Choose the right bulk SMS service provider. …
    Step 2: Investigate how other apps use SMS. …
    Step 3: Choose your ideal SMS API. …
    Step 4: Link your customer database to the system. …
    Step 5: Integrate your system with your SMS provider. …
    Enjoy full SMS functionality for your app.
    to generate conversion rate with SMS:

    Include C2A(Click-to-action) button: Click to action button will directly take users to the website once they will click on the desired button.
    Personal touch: don’t forget to send personalized SMS to your user to be in touch with them. Wish them happy birthday, anniversary etc
    Special offer: Giving offers and customized offers are some of the great ways to increase the conversion rate.
    Before you go to the service provider, kindly register your company in DLT platform & take all the necessary approvals (PE id, Header Id, Content etc). Once these approvals are done, share the details with your service provider. Your service provider will share the SMS panel & API of the OTP route. Through this your OTP will be delivered to the end customer.
    For integration for Bulk SMS API for website you need to purchase the SMS Service from the SMS provider.

    After purchasing you will get the account details from them and add woocommerce plug in your website. Enter all your api key which is generated by the provider sms panel and after that you will able to send the sms by filling all the templates and sender id in your plugin.
    There are many bulk SMS service providers are available in the market. In this, you have to find the best service providers. Before checking for the best provider do research are they really providing you the good service by checking some reviews on goggle. Test their Delivery Ratio by checking their SMS delivery. Are they providing you the call customer support. Which is very important in this industry.
    in one word we would like to say “MobonAir”

    if Good Delivery , Excellent Features , Outstanding Support Matters you alot.
    Promotional SMS:- It is a B2C process in which prospects or customers receive a message by brands. By informing them about promotions, discounts, and offers.

    Transactional SMS:- Transactional SMS include OTP’s, customer invoices, order confirmation, delivery details, account balance updates, and etc.

    Both SMS are important for the business. However, promotional SMS id for the promotion of the product and transactional SMS is for the existing and loyal customers.